BSME Conference 2020The conference agenda was set to remind delegates of the many challenges they face, from ensuring their students are prepared well for a career path in an uncertain job market, staying ahead of digital technologies, delivering an appropriately balanced curriculum, staffing and regulations. Typically when facing any issue it’s better to lead rather than wait for the problems to hit. BSME is asking: “What if we stopped buying into the rubric that schools and school leaders are ‘doing it wrong’ or ‘not doing enough’ or ‘not doing enough, quickly enough’? What if, instead of chasing the change or waiting for the ‘specialists’ to tell us how to ‘do it right’, we defined what excellence means to each of us and to each of our schools? What if we challenged ourselves to seek, define and lead excellence?”

Events such as this one provide our Engage school management information system team with invaluable opportunities, not only to meet with delegates but also to fully get immersed in the programme. Enabling best practice across school leadership, academic and administrative teams is right at the heart of everything we do.

Our own delegates, Richard Jones and Steve James, will no longer be able to take the opportunity of being involved with the BSME Annual Conference due to its cancellation because of coronavirus precautions.  However we are able to offer local meetings where appropriate and remote sessions with any school  to learn what school leaders in the region see as their next priorities in an ever-changing landscape. We’ve worked closely with British Schools Middle East members for well over 12 years now and look forward to further strengthening our work in the region.

Please contact us to make arrangements.