Great ideas start with coffee sign in Engage Bett 2020 loungeThe Bett 2020 show is well underway now, with more stands and aisles to cover than ever before. The education technology on display is incredible, almost mind-boggling for those of older generations who in so many respects can only wonder at the advances that have been made compared to their own school experiences in past days.

Of course you have so much to take in at an event like this it’s good to have a bolt-hole to rest awhile, which is precisely where we come in. Of course we’re more than happy to talk about and demonstrate educational advancement with our school management information system, Engage. However there are times when more mechanical devices can be attractive – like a coffee machine, particularly when deftly operated by a barista. You are more than welcome to take your break time with us – we even have nice soft chairs to sink into and rest the feet awhile.

You can tell it’s a pretty good place to hang-out because you’ll find some of the Engage team’s leading lights there, including:

  • Paul Rastall
  • Ian Haig-Brown
  • Jon Cronin
  • Ben Johnston
  • Gareth Lythgoe
  • Miriam Sparrow-Wallis
  • Dean Mountain
  • Graham Brown
  • Andrea Yates
  • Sally Evans

They’ll offer you a warm welcome for sure. To find us please enter our Engage branded doorway (door 7) in the North Hall and head upstairs to North Gallery Suite 10.