On 28th October 2006, Double First launched its new Logo and Branding to mark the fact that their software had reached a new peak of success within the Independent School market.

‘Not only is Engage now being acclaimed as the most advanced School Information Management software available,’ said Jeff Elliott, Group MD, ‘but our suite of Accounts, Administration and Payroll software is under considerable development as well.’

Continuing, Jeff said, ‘Given the rate of advance we have made within the marketplace, we felt a new and fresh look was most appropriate.’

‘With the recent accolades from our Engage users,’ said Kieran Millar, Group FD, we felt it was the correct time to relaunch the company, using a butterfly, a symbol of new life, which suits the mood perfectly.’

Alister Marriott, Technical Support, said, ‘The new logo reflects the professional look and feel of our products, and demonstrates the progressive nature of Double First.’

Carole Denman, Operations Manager, said, ‘It is so refreshing to see that a Company as long established as Double First is not afraid to embrace the future and re-invent its brand.’

Edina Champion, Customer Liaison Manager, said, ‘The new look coincides with an exciting step into the future with our software.’