Congratulations to the winners of the BSME – British Schools in the Middle East Creative Writing Event. For the second consecutive year we are proud to sponsor this creative event and each winner will receive £70 worth of vouchers for their favourite book store.

The 2021 creative writing theme was ‘Wishing Tales’. All BSME member schools were invited to take part to write a poem or story.

Well done to the winners
Years 1 and 2: Allesandra Crane | Year 2 | Amity International School who wrote a touching poem about bullying and wishes

Years 3 and 4: Darren Kong | Year 4 | Qatar International School, whose wish granter story transported the reader to a world of dragons.

Years 5 and 6: Diya Sunkara | Year 5 | Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, whose poem took the readers through a time portal to right a mistake.

This online BSME competition was launched in 2017, to provide students who attend BSME member schools in the Middle East with an opportunity to demonstrate their ideas and imagination through writing. It also offers students a platform to an international audience who will read and judge their work.