About The School

Arnold Lodge School is a co-educational independent school in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Arnold Lodge believe that happy children learn. The Arnold Lodge school ethos is centred around ensuring each child is happy, safe and confident. This ethos, coupled with excellent teaching, a varied curriculum and fantastic pastoral support brings out the best in all pupils.

“W e had been using our previous software for five years, until earlier this year the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) changed and reviewed what benefits it offered us. We quickly ascertained that rather than enabling us in our work, the software we had in place was a hindrance. The first line support could take almost a week to get back to us on just simple questions, this caused numerous problems for us. The training was also very difficult, on one specific occasion we wasted an entire day working through a particular area of the system, when the trainer then told us that there wasn’t actually a way to do what we wanted. We felt in general that their training was not worth the money.

“When our SLT reviewed our existing Management Information System (MIS), we knew that we wanted a system that would help us. Up until this point, the teaching staff were only using the MIS for registration, pupil points and reporting. However, the reporting brought its own challenges, as every time we would have to manually pull the reports off and make adjustments to them which was very time consuming.

“A major consideration I was looking for was good support and training. For our teachers and staff, they were looking for an intuitive system, where the menu button wouldn’t change its placement on the screen by just clicking on it. “They were just looking for simple navigation, which was uncluttered and easy to use without pop-ups that slowed our work processes down. A significant consideration for the migration was implementation and cost, but when we met with Double First all those worries went away – Engage is excellent and pricing is really competitive.

“Since moving across to Engage, we have had a lot training and we have really enjoyed it. The advantage is that the trainers at Double First give plenty of time and they always work on your school’s data. There haven’t been many questions that the team haven’t been able to answer, but if they can’t answer it straight away, they will get back to you by the end of the day.

“The structure of the training is really good too, Engage trainers get us to work through areas initially, we then go away and practice, and then we get more training when we’re comfortable. It means that our knowledge is reinforced by practice and so our expertise is really high. The support from Double First is also very good, for example the Support Centre has useful videos and lots of information to help us use Engage.

“The transition from our old MIS to this one has been very smooth and easy for everyone. All the teaching staff are happy with Engage and we are looking forward to getting the App, which will give us access to things on the go.”

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