About The School

Bishop Bavin is a co-educational boarding school based near Johannesburg, South Africa, that welcomes children from all walks of life regardless of race, culture or religion. Its 615 students from nursery through to Grade 12 benefit from a programme spanning academic, sport, cultural, spiritual and corporate social responsibility. The school has an outstanding record for delivering holistic education – it does not force a child to develop a talent but encourages the child to reveal his or her own special talent.

Executive Headmaster
Alistair Dry

“Having worked as both a Business Manager and a Headmaster, I am acutely aware of the importance of using an accurate, efficient and reliable school administration system that adds value to how things happen in a school rather than being a troublesome burden that eats up resources and time.” So reports Executive Headmaster Alistair Dry when speaking about his decision to adopt the Engage school management information system for the co-educational Bishop Bavin School. “When I saw Engage, I was immediately struck by how vastly superior it is to anything else being offered in the South African market, particularly products that pertain to independent schools. “All school data is centralised, thereby eliminating the duplication of information and ensuring that there is just one version of the truth used and accessed by all stakeholders. Not only will this improve the content and reliability of our communication, but we will also be able to do away with the separate systems for administration, timetabling, parent communication and billing that we currently use. “I do believe Engage will make a significant difference to the way we operate, and will elevate us above our competitors in the way we run the school and communicate with our stakeholders.”