About The School

Brooke House is an international boarding college based in the town of Market Harborough. There are 190 pupils on roll, from over 30 nationalities. The college has a thriving football academy, with many pupils excelling in mathematics and science. It is also a full member of the Independent Schools Association, for which Double First is a long-standing Gold Preferred Supplier. 

Making a positive change can sometimes prove difficult when people remain comfortable with existing systems, even if they are obviously inefficient. 

Brooke House had purchased the Engage school management information system prior to Dawn Savage’s return as Assistant Principal, but she felt the school could be getting more from the software. “Before Engage most of the systems were entirely manual and everything was done with pen and paper. There was a database developed by one of the IT team but we couldn’t use it effectively, which affected the communication between our three sites.”

Dawn introduced Engage across the school via a structured training programme. “I decided on a step-by-step approach, starting with attendance, and phased the learning with everybody. “To commence with we took all of the core staff away, which worked really well.”

Following that initial session, the staff started to realise what a powerful system Engage is and the positivity spread. “The training got everyone excited about it, so then we moved onto the teaching staff and expanded it out.

“Key personnel at the school have been won over, and are looking to develop what they know, to assist their understanding of how Engage can improve the way that they do their jobs.”

With Engage being embraced throughout the school, Dawn is now reaping the benefits of the software: “I know where everybody is and can find them straight away if I need to. Engage gives me the big picture straight away.”

All of the school’s internal communications are now handled through Engage, with other efficiencies created. “Engage has brought with it new automated processes, such as keeping track when parents change their contact details,” explains Dawn. “The school now runs on one system, so we don’t need to use Outlook for contact information within the school.”

Engage has also streamlined the reporting process. “Reporting sessions can be versatile; they don’t have to be identical if preferred,” adds Dawn. ”We also use the mail merge tool to distribute the reports, which is a much more efficient means compared to our previous method.

“Now we’ve realised how much Engage can do across the school, I’d certainly recommend it.”