About The School

Collingham College is an independent, co-educational GCSE and Sixth Form college founded in 1975 and now with 250 pupils.  The average class size is five, and there are no more than eight students in an AS or A level group, nine at GCSE.  It is located in Kensington, West London.

Located in West London and with students from different backgrounds and across the ability range, the aim of staff at Collingham College is to enable individuals to discover their strengths, set their own goals and develop their potential and confidence.

To help see this through, a solid and reliable Management Information System (MIS) was required, as well as a provider that could support the school with an experienced and well-managed Support team.

Sally Powell explained her experience of communication with staff at Double First from her initial contact. “When I contacted Double First to see what options might be available, Nicky came out to see us and was excellent at understanding us and keeping in touch.

“She understood where we were and where we needed to get to. Since then, we’ve been dealing with Rob so I must say our person-to-person contact has been great.” As a Project Manager and Account Manager, Rob was involved with the installation and ongoing relationship with Collingham College to ensure Sally retains a regular point of contact.

“Rob is a great Account Manager. You know that when you speak to Rob with a question, he’s going to sort it out.

“And the Double First helpdesk is fantastic, sorting out my questions straight away or at least in 24 hours.”

Sally explained how the training aspect of her installation project had gone. “Miriam came out to conduct all the training here and I must say, she was excellent.  She was very clear, particular and patient, which was very good.”

Unlimited training is provided for users of Double First Engage to ensure everyone is comfortable when using the school management software.

Now that Double First Engage is installed, it meets the needs of the school and allows the staff to do the jobs for which they were recruited.

“We’re using Double First Engage every day now as it’s the main database here. We’re still building on the original options we selected so the next step is the academic reports, but it’s important to do this one stage at a time to keep the staff on board.”