About The School

Spratton Hall is located in the small village of Spratton, near Northampton. Part of the school is based in Spratton Hall itself, a large Georgian building, with other facilities occupying modern buildings across the school site. The school is a member of IAPS and ISBA. 

Spratton Hall prides itself on helping pupils to thrive academically and develop as people during their time at the school. Pupils are actively encouraged to take-up new hobbies and interests, and to offer support to fellow students in every aspect of 

school life.

During the past five years, the school has invested in a number of new buildings and facilities, including a new Library, Media Centre, Sports Dome and Performing Arts Centre. During this period of development and improvement, the school took the decision to replace its existing information system.

Spratton Hall had been using a bespoke system, but some issues were starting to arise with support and development, leading the school to investigate available options. 

The school looked at a number of replacement solutions, including a trial of one rival MIS system, but with Engage the school felt it had found the right solution. Director of Studies Steve Bradnam explains  “The software we had on trial felt very clunky, but once we had seen Engage and tried it, we felt it was the better option.”

As well as the core Engage system, the school also purchased a number of modules including Fees, Assessments, SEN and the Teacher Portal. Steve adds, “I find the Assessments module very useful, especially with its link to the reports. I also like the DMS (document management system) which stores all previous reports.” 

One module that has really helped the school is the Teacher Portal.“This is great, staff use it all the time and it gives them access to all the information they need. If required staff can access information remotely, and the notes function has changed the way we communicate,” explained Steve.

As part of Double First’s commitment to continuous development, regular software updates are released featuring new functions and upgrades. “There are always new versions made available. A number of the comments and suggestions I’ve made have also been actioned. It is reassuring that Double First is constantly looking to improve and listen to its customers,” Steve comments.

Steve is very happy that the school now uses Engage as its MIS. “The software meets a lot of the school’s needs. We are using it to record more and more data now, making it a very useful tool for the school.”