About The School

Located on the Eastern side of Cyprus in Paralimni, Xenion High School has provided education to 500 students since September 2001.

About the Institute

Xenion Institute started in 1980 and offers after school lessons such as English and other major languages, Ancient Greek, Latin, Maths, IT and the Curriculum Sciences to more than 1,500 state school students.

Before selecting Double First Engage, Xenion High School and Institute in Cyprus had been using a local company for their school management software.  

“It was functional but limited in its capabilities,” explained George Phylactou, Assistant Director. “What it did, it did well, but it was very simple and only contained basic information to help us in the school.”

It was decided a replacement was due and George set about seeking the best option for the school.  George’s first step was to speak with people from other schools to see which service they were using. “Then we got in touch with various companies and looked at what they could offer before narrowing it down to the best three.”

All the three companies were invited to present their software with a demonstration to staff at Xenion High School.  After considering all the options, the school decided to choose Double First Engage.

“The installation of Double First Engage was very good and the transition from the old system to the new was very smooth,” explained George.  “We had no interruptions to our daily work as the help from the staff at Double First was very thorough.”

Mark Lovell, Project Manager at Double First, managed the installation. “Xenion made a good decision to appoint an school Engage champion, Demetris Souroullas, to help with rollout success.  We always find that when a Champion is appointed, the take-up of Double First Engage in the school is much quicker.”

George explained the benefits now that Xenion High School and Institute are using Double First Engage. “The single database being ‘all-in-one’ is a great feature for us with no need to duplicate entries,” he said.

“The administration of the school runs really smoothly and we have very good communications with the students and the parents.

“We also have great knowledge of our students and the individuality of each person here.  It’s good that the overall running of the school has now improved because of Double First Engage.”

Xenion High School and Institute is using Double First Engage for the school administration and from next year will replace the existing accounting software with Double First too.