The CfBT Education Trust has selected Double First Ltd to provide the Engage School Management System across its UK schools.

Having worked closely with the team at Double First for some time, this decision will now see the software rolled out over the next few months.

Operating as a group with multiple schools, CfBT’s Reading based HQ will be able to monitor both activity and progress at all schools with Engage by Double First. This will provide the information needed for effective decision making.

Common Platform

The decision to select Engage by Double First means there will be a common platform across the schools in the group.

This sees the replacement of all existing School Management Systems from different providers which have been working independently in each of the schools.

Kim Hollamby, Managing Director at Double First, explained why this was so important. “A single management system across all sites brings schools into closer working together. This leads to a far more cohesive approach and the sharing of best practice at all sites. We’re very happy to be working with CfBT and look forward to an excellent working relationship.”

About CfBT

CfBT Education Trust is a leading education consultancy and service organisation. Their object is to provide education for public benefit both in the UK and internationally.

Established 40 years ago CfBT Education Trust now has an annual turnover exceeding £100 million and employs more than 2,000 staff worldwide who support educational reform, teach, advise, research and train.