Ian Teague, Director of IT for the United Church School Trust (UCST), announced today that, ‘Following a successful pilot, UCST is rolling out Engage across all their independent schools.’

The Pilot has been run by Charles Crawford (Network Manager) at Hampshire Collegiate, one of UCST’s schools.

‘Teachers are finding it easy to use,’ said Charles. ‘It’s a really good bit of software. From an admin point of view it is intuitive, and since we rolled out Assessments there have been very few problems.

‘We are really very happy,’ added Charles.

‘The pilot,’ said Jeff Elliott, MD Double First, ‘has really tested Engage – almost to destruction! Hampshire Collegiate is an Engage Development Partner, and the constant input and feedback from Charles has been very valuable.’

Carole Denman, Operations Manager, said, ‘With the large number of UCST schools, we will be dedicating one of our Project Managers to work with them. The most crucial part of any school-wide installation is ensuring you take all the staff with you, using a phased roll out with targeted training to minimise teachers’ down-time.’

Additional Functionality

Engage has a wide portfolio of additional modules, including its own VLE and Web Portal.

‘UCST is looking forward to utilising all the additional functionality that is now included in the new application,’ added Ian.