Double First remote hosted cloud education softwareDouble First has throughout its 25 year history offered flexible responses to the many differing educational and ICT needs of independent schools. Responding to demand from some customers the company can now offer fully remote cloud hosting of its applications.

Working closely with du Pré, Double First’s IT and telecoms partner, this opens opportunities for schools that want to move away from local support of infrastructure or who want to liberate space previously consumed by server infrastructure. 


Concerns regarding software licensing, hardware provision and maintenance, scalability, flexible working and disaster recovery, are all dealt with using Double First Cloud. The Engage education management information system, all the Portals, including the new Pupil and Student managed learning environment Portal, and Double First’s other applications can be accessed securely, from within the school or working from elsewhere without the need to provide hardware or to look after it.

Double First Cloud is available immediately – please contact us for further information and to arrange a free consultation.