Engage school management system 2020.06 SD socially distanced releaseEngage is pleased to announce the release of a COVID-dedicated update of its school management system to assist all customers with their return to school activities.

Engage 2020.06SD (Social Distancing) offers a number of key changes to improve flexibility and match the needs of schools managing often difficult classroom, timetabling and other challenges, including:

  • Attendance – the ability to directly update times, periods and sessions within the Working Data screen for the Academic Year selected. This includes the ability to increase the number of periods on the working timetable.
  • The mandatory option for using both Morning and Afternoon Sessions has been removed.
  • Additional functionality has been added to Groups and Filters to make their use easier for typical COVID-19 social distancing analysis and actions.

In addition, new listings are now available for download on the Support Centre portfolio for identifying room and pupil numbers to assist with school setup guidelines. Further listings will  continue to be uploaded as required.

Complementing this release, we have a series of dedicated guides now available to directly walk schools through common processes that they need to undertake to prepare for socially distanced and safe return of students and pupils to their schools. Customers have free access to these by following this link to our COVID-19 Return to School guides.

Next week we will also be holding a Managing your Return to School webinar – register here.

Barry Anns, Engage CEO says: “since the scale of the pandemic became rapidly apparent, we completely reinvented the way we worked within days to ensure that we stayed operational in all of the key departments that support our schools around the world. This latest set of initiatives is possible because we have analysed the challenges schools are facing, then put our full weight behind new school management system features, resources and advice just where it is needed, supported by the added strength our new parent company, Education Horizons Group. Our Wednesday Webinar programme throughout has been very well attended and we’ve really enjoyed the engagement with schools in that environment. The efforts from our staff have also been amazing.

“We can promise that we’ll continue to focus very heavily on the changing and different requirements of schools in the weeks and months ahead as their admirable teaching and administrative teams find effective solutions to delivering whole child care effectively and safely.”