Dennis MarriotAll of the team at Engage have been very sorry in recent weeks to say a fond adieu to our colleague and friend, Dennis Marriott, who has faithfully served Double First and its group companies for 33 years.

For close on two decades Dennis was part of the senior team in Double First’s then sister company. Many of his actions then contributed to the success we enjoyed today. In more recent times Dennis has been working for Double First in his home country, establishing our presence in Australia until retirement.

Former Double First owner, Piers du Pré, recalls: “It was a hot summer. Holding a job interview in the office didn’t appeal. Instead, I met Dennis in the local pub’s beer garden. Wanting to appear sober, Dennis ordered a half whilst I had a pint. Once employed, Dennis told me that if he’d known it was okay to have a pint, he would have done the same.

“Now, after 33 years of the most loyal service, our beloved Dennis has retired, leaving a heady legacy of loyalty and faithfulness. Always the cheerleader, always the encourager and always the first to insist, ‘it will work. No worries.’

“I have far too many stories to tell about ‘our Aussie’, many of which would be frowned on by HR, even censored, but suffice it say that he’ll be missed by not only the staff, but the many customers he worked with over the years.”

Our sincere best wishes go to Dennis in his retirement.