world map Europe, Africa, middle eastWe made it! There were no ceremonies, finishers medals or blasts of trumpets but we have completed the Street Child United Doha and Back challenge with a week to spare, 77 days, 19,035km and over 27 Million steps after we started.

In total 19 teams and 34 people participated virtually from their own homes, gardens, local parks and streets with every step and pedal stroke counted. Every weather condition was experienced over the two and half month challenge but that did not put them off and several members of the teams have picked up a new passion and have continued to walk, run and cycle. We would like to send our sincere thanks to anyone who participated in any way to make our challenge a success and to everyone who supported us and donated to Street Child United.

The top five teams who accumulated the most miles are:

  • 1st The Baldricks (Steve And RJ) 1,955.3 miles
  • 2nd Nick and Will Cycle 1,534.6 miles
  • 3rd Easier Said Than Run 1,346.5 miles
  • 4th Team Baz 1,232.5 miles
  • 5th Sandie & Pete 914.9 miles

Here’s the reaction from one of Street Child United’s young leaders, Sam click here to watch >>> 

Our #DohaAndBack Challenge fundraising efforts has so far achieved £3788 plus over £560 of Gift Aid. Our Just Giving page is still open for anyone who would like to support us.