Engage school information management 2013.04Double First is releasing the latest versions of its Accounts school finance package and Engage education management information system in June.

All Double First customers can access incremental and major releases for their licenced modules for free from the Double First Support Centre.

Double First Accounts v1.58.00

The latest release of Double First Accounts includes the following changes and improvements:

  • The addition of new tool under File > Configuration > School Information allowing local proxy settings to be stored, to enable Double First Support Centre access for schools with proxy servers.
  • New BACS file format for Barclays Bank
  • A correction to code preventing duplicate entries in the list of cheques after printing

The release will be available week commencing 10 June 2013 on the Double First Support Centre.

Engage and Portal 2013.06

The latest Engage and Portal release will be available on the Double First Support Centre from Monday 10 June 2013.

Desktop app features include:

  • Care Authority and Placing Authority available in the Pupil Grid
  • Urgent Notes are now copied during Pupil stage transfers
  • an updated Print Timetable display
  • the Year Group timetable from Print Timetable now displays all assigned break duties.

Plus a series of further improvements in response to school feedback.

Portal changes include:

  • improvements to Performance Tracking filters and dropdown functionality
  • a correction to the functionality of School Time Zones alowing local time to be used throughout the Portal

Further detail on these releases can be found on the release notes, which feature a new format in response to comments from the recent User Groups.