Double First Ltd has always sought to provide confidence in testing times, but never any more so than in today’s climate where some fee-paying schools are finding themselves in uncertain economic territories.

Many schools are still unsure exactly how many pupils will be joining in the next academic year, and have far less of an idea about the following year. In other schools, Bursars are finding they are not confident that enquiries are being responded to properly, making for missed opportunities.

Couple this with school Bursars and Registrars not having all the data they need for making decisions for growth and a lack of the ability to produce meaningful reports on future finances, it’s hardly surprising to see a lack of confidence today.

How Double First is helping schools

Double First Ltd provides Bursars and Registrars with instant access to the important information.

The Engage software is a school-wide management information system which equips school management teams for decision making. It is available for use in the school and remotely to ensure it’s always available.

Being available for use anywhere means that many Bursars and Registrars are gaining a better work/life balance as they can take work home instead of being tied to the office. Far from having to carry out more work, it simply enables tasks to be wrapped around home life instead of the other way around.

How Double First can help with Best Practice Knowledge

During the summer period, one of our specialists in the Double First team is able to meet with you for a brief conversation to offer ideas on how we can help. This meeting can take place at your school and can be as brief as one hour.

Many schools are choosing to take advantage of these meetings during the summer period when things can be a little quieter. They are no obligation and there is no charge for them.

Next steps

To book your meeting with one of our specialists, call +44 (0)1935 40 30 20 and tell us the best date for you. We will discuss with you openly some of the ways Double First can help you and your staff to be better equipped next year.