On 6 June, 2008, Double First hosted a Data Protection and IT Network Security Seminar at Cisco’s magnificent HQ near London’s Heathrow airport.

Given the many recent and well publicised data losses, the questions every school needs to ask are, ‘what would happen if we lost some data? Who would be liable, and to what extent?’

‘How vulnerable is my IT Network. How can we afford to protect it? How do we know it is properly protected?’


Eminent Speakers with Packed Content

‘Data Protection and its impact on Schools’ was brought by John North, Partner & Head of Commercial Law, Royds, London, which provides legal advice to School Groups and some of the best known Independent Schools in the UK.

‘IT Network Security, how networks are compromised, methods of attack, data theft, and know who are your enemies are’ was brought by Barry Anns, Group Technical Director, du Pré.

‘Cisco’s Vision of Education in the Future’ was brought by Patrick Tarbit, Cisco’s Business Development Manager.

Due to many questions and discussions, lunch was foreshortened to 25 minutes.

‘Engage and how it meets the full requirements of the Data Protection Act’ was brought by Paul Rastall, Software Development Manager, Double First.

The Seminar was closed by Piers du Pré, Group Chairman, Double First Ltd and du Pré, who summarised the day’s events.