As part of Double First’s policy to combat swine flu, du Pré Connect has been installed to update and enhance its voice communication systems.

“One of the vital features of du Pré Connect,” explained Kim Hollamby, Director, “is its ‘Remote Working Transparency’ capability, for business continuity.”

Continuing, Kim explained that in the wake of the recent Pandemic classification of swine flu by the World Health Organisation, the effects on a business of swine flu could be disastrous.


“Business continuity is therefore paramount,” added Kim. “We simply cannot afford to be in a position where the office might be closed.

“Our schools depend on us for support and we must be able to respond even if the offices are closed – du Pré Connect allows us to keep working, regardless, with complete Remote Working Transparency,

du Pré Connect is a unique IP Telephony solution which enables employees to take their office extension handsets home and re-use them by simply plugging into their own home broadband.

Once plugged in at home, a handset automatically rejoins the office telephone system.

Nothing changes, apart from moving the phone from the office to the home. Everything else remains the same exactly as if the staff member was still sitting at their office desk.

“No special dial codes and no special wiring,” emphasised Kim. “You just make, take, and transfer calls exactly as if you were in the office. Hunt groups stay the same as does every other part of the system’s program, and calls are charged straight to the office with no need for expense claims!”

No change. Complete Transparency.

du Pré Connect – Business Quality IP Telephony

“du Pré Connect gives business quality voice. In fact, the quality is better than traditional PSTN or ISDN phone lines,” said Jon Dawkins, du Pré’s senior telephony engineer. “Having been in telephony engineering for nearly twenty years, I can vouch that du Pré Connect is the best system I have ever worked with.”

What type of Broadband is needed at Home?

Speaking about the simplicity of du Pré Connect, Simon Jones, Group Marketing Manager, said, “It really is a case of simply plugging it in at home. My basic BT Home Broadband carried the calls perfectly, even while I was surfing the internet at the same time. As a non-technical person, I had no problems taking my office home.”

Not just for Swine Flu

Irrespective of the current pandemic, many existing users of du Pré Connect find the benefits of IP Telephony lead to an increase in staff productivity and morale. In particular, field-based staff who might otherwise wait at home until their 11.00 am appointment can now work as if they’re in the office right up to the point they leave home.

About IP Telephony – put it to the test!

Richard Jones, Group Sales Director, explained a little more about how du Pré Connect works. “Firstly,” he said, “it’s not Skype. du Pré Connect is business-grade IP Telephony which uses ‘Quality of Service’ (QoS), something which consumer IP Telephony services don’t employ.

“Quality of Service prioritises telephone calls over all other data being carried. This means your telephone calls remain unaffected even when a stream of large emails comes into the office. After all, when you’re on that important call it’s crucial that nothing gets in the way of it.

“Of course, we use du Pré Connect in our own office and I would never go back to traditional telephone calls and lines. If anyone would like to test the quality, they can call me directly on 01635 55 55 50.”