Timetable for Engage (manual version) is released today. ‘Timetable has been created from scratch and with no preconceived ideas,’ said Paul Rastall, Software Development Manager.

‘Our research was extensive and included examining existing timetable systems and discussing them with their users, as well as discussions with many schools from large to small, single gender and coeducational, to ascertain exactly what was needed, before we started designing,’ said Paul.

Keep it Simple

‘Although the requirements were extensive, the message we received loud and clear was that the system had to be very, very easy to use. On that point,’ continued Paul, ‘I can assure you, it is. Its simplicity of use hides its complex sophistication.

‘No longer do you need a degree in Timetabling!’ added Paul.

Manual or Automatic – your choice

Two modes of operation exist. Manual, whereby the user drags and drops ‘timetable cards’ onto a matrix, or automatic where the computer will generate the full timetable for you. Both are very fast and save hours of time.

Whichever mode is used, the business rules you have preset will determine the result.

What does Timetable do?

Timetable has a host of features, including,
Complete integration with Engage – no duplication of data entry
Flexible to allow different classes to be taught at the same time
Variable length lessons by day and year groups
Staggered lunch breaks and start/end times handled with ease
Locate Pupil option, integrated with the attendance module
Locate Staff option
Find me a free room or free teacher
Fully functioning staff cover module with cover weighting and cover families
Print individual pupil timetables, staff timetables, room timetables, and subject timetables
Integrated break duty system and ability to lock periods that are not on the timetable
…and much, much more!
Setting the ‘Business’ Rules

There are many business rules you can set, such as French, German and Spanish belonging to a group called Language Subjects. A rule can then be added not to teach any language subject before any other language subject. The business rules and options are almost endless.

What are the Benefits of using Timetable?

‘The Benefits become obvious the moment you use Timetable, said Jeff Elliott, MD. ‘Huge time savings, and I mean huge, as well as greatly reducing the complexity of planning and creating timetables.

‘This product is brand new, and encompasses the best features of other products, and presents the options in a friendly and easy way to use.’