Double First Ltd is pleased to announce another hugely successful exhibition held the HMC Conference in Liverpool between 5th and 8th October.

With nearly 300 Heads in attendance, the conference was the perfect environment for existing customers to see the latest Engage software developments and how far the Engage School Management System has progressed in the last 12 months.

The conference was also perfect for schools thinking about changing from their current school Management Information System to Engage, and having a hands-on demonstration to appreciate the many benefits Engage would bring to their schools.

The team from Double First also included Simon Rixon, an ICT and Data Security Sales Specialist from parent company, du Pré. Simon was on hand to explain some of the unique features available when linking Engage into a school’s ICT and Telecoms infrastructure.

“du Pré has developed many additional features with Engage, such as dialling telephone numbers direct from Engage. The days of manual dialling have gone. And an incoming call will pop the appropriate Engage screen so a school can see summary information of a parent or child prior to answering the phone,” added Simon, enthusiastically.

Continuing, Simon explained why this unique offering appeals to Independent schools. “It makes life so much easier for schools when their systems integrate properly,” he said. “We find that Headmasters and Headmistresses really appreciate the information they can automatically see on pupils and parents as they’re answering the phone.”

Future UK Conferences

Double First will be exhibiting at the ISA, GSA and AMDIS conferences in November.

To book a private appointment at any of these events, please call +44 (0)1935 40 30 20 and speak to Lynne who will make all the necessary arrangements.