Whilst planning the update of its fleet, Double First continues to follow its policy of becoming measurably greener and greener.

Replacement vehicles has to be able to demonstrate a much lesser CO2 emission, significantly more miles per gallon, and less servicing costs.

“The first point to make,” said Piers du Pré, Group Chairman, “is that we are staying with Volvos, but models with the new 1.6 DRIVe engine which is able to return an average in excess of 60mpg.

“The second point is that we changed suppliers to Motorworld in Wantage simply because Richard Harbud of Motorworld made the most impressive and believable pitch which could not be refused.”
The first cars were delivered in November and Motorworld has been true to their word. Further, the service administration overhead has been reduced, as has vehicle downtime.

In addition, the Accounts department is already reporting a substantial reduction in fuel consumption with the 1.6 DRIVe engine proving to be everything Richard said; efficient, economic, whilst still delivering the power when needed.

Carole Denman, Head of Operations at Double First, was very pleased with the initiative. “Whenever we visit schools to train users in our Engage software, we already try to make the most of the journey by combining the trip with training sessions at other schools,” explained Carole.

“We also use public transport whenever possible,” she continued, “which all follows the CSR policy we have in the company. I am very proud that we are ‘doing our bit’ for the environment.”