Double First's new websiteEducation management information system provider, Double First Ltd, has relaunched its own website on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary.

The new website provides comprehensive information regarding each of the products it offers. The launch also marks an end to Double First’s long-standing Our World customer support area which has been superceded by a new Support Centre.

Kim Hollamby, Group Communications Director, explained “we’ve been pouring all of our attention into the new Engage Portals and also into the new Support Centre. But it was high time to renew our public presence and to complete the move of all of our support services to the excellent new Support Centre.

“Compiling all of the information has been a great reminder of the progress that has been made with our products in the past few years and the new website does a much better job of outlining the functionality of Engage, Double First Accounts and Payroll.”

Any remaining customers that have been using Our World should contact to arrange access to the Support Centre. This is free, easily implemented and contains much improved content as well as free software upgrades, release notes, video guides and written user guides.