Double First is delighted to announce a further expansion in the operating hours of the Support Team, which is now open from 0800 to 1700 Monday to Friday.

This service enhancement comes as a result of an increased demand throughout the UK for the Double First and Engage suite of products, and aims to help schools which need assistance prior to children arriving at the start of each day. It comes as an addition to the personnel expansion that Double First has seen in recent times, demonstrating the importance the company places on looking after their schools.

More and more schools

Carole Denman, Head of Operations, explained why the changes are happening.

‘We see more and more schools using our Engage Management Information Software and Accounts packages, so it’s important we increase the back-end support to cater for these people,’ she said.

‘The Support Team helps schools with many aspects of their needs, right from the basics of using the software through to best practice in the school accounts.’

For a number of years, we have ensured that extended hours are available to all schools during critical times, such as exam results, submissions and payroll end in order to address any urgent needs.

International coverage

The operating hours of Double First’s support for international schools continues to be available according to the local hours of that country. This means support is always available when a school needs it, regardless of where in the world they are based.

Kim Hollamby, Director, was very clear about this growth strategy, as he explained, ‘We decided to expand the working patterns of our Yeovil-based team as a direct result of very helpful feedback from Engage Development Partners. The new times provide support that mirrors the hours required by our expanding range of schools. Since last November we have also eliminated the weekly training periods that previously resulted in later start times on Tuesdays.

‘These initiatives are possible due to the major growth of our Engage management information system support team through the second-half of 2008. We’ve recruited great people and their enthusiasm and knowledge will enable us to further improve our services to schools in the months ahead,’ added Kim