DF engage MIS v2015.04Double First is pleased to announce the latest release of its Engage school management information system.

v2015.04 contains a series of improvements and updates in response to school feedback. Engage development is continuous and influenced directly by schools and via the Share Ideas Portal which enables customers to raise ideas vote on them and cokment on other ideas.

This release includes:

  • The Parents Evening module now has the ability to include a cut off date and time for bookings (a Share Ideas request).
  • New tools enable schools to limit individual parents from booking selected Parents Evening slots. This feature has also been introduced to the Staff booking Page for Contacts without bookings set.
  • Parents Evening summaries can now be exported to PDF and Excel.
  • Activities now has a new auto enrolment feature and Activities booking now includes an additional field displaying the Activity Cost.
  • The Daybook Templates setup screen now include separated fields for Date only and Time only as well as the original combined Date Time field to enhance the usability when adding new records.
  • The number of Daybook entries for each individual Daybook Template can now be restricted per Pupil up to a maximum number of entries.
  • The amount of records displayed in Class Attendance records has been increased from 25 to 30 per page to enable easier marking of larger classes.
  • New options for displaying Pupil Preferred Name formats and a new sort order for Preferred Surname have been added for viewing Pupil names throughout the Portal.

Plus a series of other improvements and enhancements, the full detail of which is contained within the release notes.

All registered users of the Engage school management information system receive releases as a part of their contract and can find further information on our dedicated Support Portal.