engage v2015.10 school management information systemDouble First is pleased to announce the latest release of its Engage school management information software. Many of the feature ideas incorporated are requested by school academic and administrative staff, through our active user group programme, our Share Ideas portal and via regular contact with the schools. Improvements are released on monthly cycle.

Engage v2015.10 contains a series of improvements across the application’s features, including Marksheets, Pupil Search, Staff Timetable, Activities, Pupil Registration, Assessments and Timetable.

The list of changes includes:

  • a new Performance Columns feature for the Assessments section of the Portal enables a user to display any Reporting, Class or External columns on any marksheet;
  • the Class Marksheet scrollbar has been repositioned to make it easier to use;
  • new fields for discount percentage and FTE percentage have been added to the main Pupil grid and Pupil Registration details panel;
  • a new field for FTE percentage has been added to the main Staff grid and Staff DBS Details panel.

Plus a series of other improvements and amendments.

Licensed users of Engage with local installs have free access to all upgrades, plus associated release notes and user guides in the Engage school management information system Support Centre. Users with Cloud installations of Engage will be notified of their update in due course.