Engage release 2020.07 is now available as a part of our programme of continual improvement, informed by schools in close collaboration within our Share Ideas portal and through the work we do directly through our support, training and implementation teams.

The improvements to our Engage school management system within this release include the following:

  • Daybook template import and export – the inventiveness of schools around the globe using the Daybook area of Engage continues to impress us daily and now we’ve unlocked the ability to share Daybook templates, a brilliant feature for formal school groups or any educational cluster where you collaborate with others.
  • Daybook added to Calendars – users are now able to view Daybook entries within personal and group calendars. If Room Booking is enabled, an automatic booking of a room related to the entry is also added.
  • Activities added to Calendars – our Activities module has been another critically important part of Engage through COVID and return to school. We’ve now improved its visibility for Staff and Parents within the Calendars they use.
  • Pupil Activity marker – schools need to track and trace more than ever before in 2o2o. We’ve made changes so that you have better visibility of student movements at school. Staff members are able to view if a pupil in their teaching class is allocated to an Activity within lesson time and further if they have been marked as present for that Activity. This also is useful for identifying pupil’s movements outside of main school hours for attendance before or after school.
  • Identified groups of recipients can now be added to Groups and Filters – the work you do within Engage’s comprehensive report criteria within the client can now be used directly in other areas including fees mail merges and attendance recipients, as just two of many examples.
  • Past pupils added as an entity choice in Fee screens – improving access to historic records

Note an early version of this release was utilised by some Engage schools to deal with UK exam board changes and other issues. If you already have 2020.07 but want to ensure you are on the full production version, please get in touch with our Support Team who will be pleased to assist. Our technical team will be in touch with customers who use the hosted version of Engage to notify of their 2020.07 upgrades in coming days.