Street Child United Doha and Back logoWe’re delighted to announce a new charity initiative to raise funds for our chosen charity, Street Child United.

Engage is shortly set to exceed £50,000 in corporate giving to this amazing cause, but our staff team, based from around the world, wanted additionally assist Street Child United with its pandemic-affected funding. This special campaign will assist the costs of getting football teams of street children from around the world for their own 2022 World Cup in Doha.

To do so we are walking, running and cycling the more than 18,000 kilometres to Doha and back and we’d appreciate your support to raise our overall company team target of £10,000.

See here for our team progress on the walk

Past experience demonstrates the Street Child World Cup in 2022 will lead to incredible outcomes for the children participating – but it will equally raise important media attention on the key issues street connected young people face all around the world. Giving these children a voice is central to Street Child United’s work as they campaign for access to education, protection from violence, birth identity and gender equality.

Although we aim to break some personal walking records during the 12 weeks of this attempt, our efforts will be modest compared to the street children we want to support. We will walk in clean and comfortable clothes, knowing we are loved by all around us and return home from our endeavours to a warm and secure house. So although this is a big challenge, we are also humbled to know it’s just a small gesture in a world of many needs.

We’ll keep everyone updated on our efforts on the website here and via our social media channels. If you are able to donate then please visit our Doha and Back fundraising page here.