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Engage is pleased to sponsor and work with many key associations and educational bodies around the world. Among that number is the Association of British Schools Overseas (AoBSO), founded by former head of St Christopher’s School, Bahrain, Ed Goodwin OBE. This organisation provides a vital role in supporting BSO schools, and held its annual conference at the County Hall in London during November. Engage has been a keen supporter of this body since its foundation earlier in the decade.

This year’s conference drew together an important number of Heads and senior leaders, addressed by Lord Agnew, Undersecretary of State for Education. BSO schools from around the world attended, including several Engage customers from the Middle East.

simon weston richard jones aobsoThe attendees, including our Sales Director, Richard Jones, were humbled, entertained and above all inspired by Falklands War Hero, Simon Weston CBE (pictured left), who gave a moving presentation. Thoughts on resilience, leadership and motivation were delivered with humility and grace. 

AoBSO is a not-for-profit membership organisation of British Schools Overseas, which strives to connect the best in educational thinking and practices in British Schools Overseas around the world, many of whom are uses of Engage. British Schools Overseas (BSO) are inspected under the Ofsted quality-assured, DfE-recognised BSO regulations, which are based on the standards used to inspect British Independent schools in the UK.

AoBSO has recently successfully lobbied for changes to inspection procedures to provide solutions for compliance where local education laws are found to be in conflict with DfE requirements.