A major new feature in the 2020.07 release of our Engage school management system is the ability to share Daybook school workflow templates between schools, whether in a group or any other like-minded collaborative cohort. Taking advantage of this, we have now released a series of SEN templates based upon the working practices of our Engage APAC Regional Manager, Andrew Kemp. The SEN templates include:

  • SEN – Individual Behaviour Plan
  • SEN – Individual Education Plan
  • SEN – Individual Support Plan
  • SEN – Meeting Notes
  • SEN – Professional Assessment
  • SEN – Psychological Assessment Consent
  • SEN – Student Consent
  • SEN – Student Observation
  • SEN – Supported Learner Request

All of these templates can be accessed by customers via the Downloads area of the Support Centre, filtering on the tag ‘Daybook Templates’.

Andrew recently conducted a webinar showing how to use Engage Daybook for Special Educational Needs management. You can request access to recordings of this webinar and the Engage 2020.07 run through, on the Engage MIS Events page.