Sign showing business is openThe advent of the New Year has seen the UK and other countries in which we operate such as Thailand enter new phases of lock-down in order to control the regrettable upward swing in COVID-19 infections.

Our team has been working safely from home offices in the UK and across the world since March 2020. Capabilities have been further honed since then to ensure we provide effective services delivered completely remotely, from implementation, support and training to sales and consultation. We are fully manned over all published hours of support and focused on keeping our team members safe and school customers operational.

Engage’s programme of virtual implementation and training activity is in full swing. In coming days you’ll see us announce a new round of Wednesday Webinars and a series of Virtual User Groups to further support schools. Please keep an eye on our Events page for more announcements.

COVID-19 school management guides

We understand that many schools will be facing new challenges, in terms of delivering of remote learning, social distancing when physical schooling is available and also watching closely as to how examination management or pupil assessment will work in 2021. A reminder we have published a series of dedicate guides to assist schools with using their Engage school management system to best effect when managing COVID-related issues. These include:

  • Adding new Attendance Types to acommodate Social Distancing
  • Data Check in the Parent Portal – COVID-19
  • How to add extra periods in working data
  • How to add lunch as a lesson in working data
  • How to record if a staff or pupil has had COVID-19 in the first aid section of Engage
  • Recording Pupils who are Social Distancing
  • Remote Teacher Parent Meetings Guide
  • Using the Daybook for COVID-19 Information
  • Using the Timetable Module to manage Social Distancing

Each guide is presented in an easily downloadable PDF format, with clear explanations complete with screengrabs so you can follow each process through, step-by-step. School customers can access these by visiting the Support Centre.