Dennis Marriott Engage school management system consultantEngage by Double First is pleased to announce the opening of its latest office, in Victoria, Australia.

The office is headed by Dennis Marriott (pictured), an Australian national who served as a senior director of du Pré, Double First’s IT and telecoms partner, for several years prior to returning home. He has a broad experience of IT operations and compliance across the business and education world and has recently been gaining further knowledge of our Engage school management information system prior to taking up his new post.

Dennis will build on the extensive work carried out by Double First to thoroughly research Australian education requirements. This is a unique approach taken by the Engage school management system team, to ensure appropriate features and service in each of its key areas globally.

Silkwood School in Queensland, Australia, selected the Engage by Double First school management system in 2013. Explaining the decision, IT Manager Andrew Kemp states: “We needed a system that is robust and scalable and could perform at least 90 per cent of our large wish list. We also wanted it to be flexible and open platform so that we could integrate easily with other tools. Engage by Double First met the criteria.”

Andrew, who has three decades of experience managing complex IT systems, states that there were several obvious advantages in choosing Engage over other systems. “We liked the fact that Double First had worked in education for 26 years with a loyal base of schools. We appreciated that Engage recognises learning is as important as record keeping. We were particularly enthusiastic about the various methods within Engage to measure student targets and to report on them.” 

To find out more please call Dennis on 61 (0)7 3053 8975 or email