Why your success is important to us

Our core mission across the whole Education Horizons group is to ensure that every day, we help schools succeed.

These are not just hollow words.

Our mission is enabled through continual investment in Engage and its skilled development and support staff.

As a fully inclusive feature of your Engage subscription, we then assure delivery through a dedicated Customer Success team whose sole focus is to ensure that your school sees tangible benefits and improvements through the use of our software. We work closely with you to drive positive outcomes for all students, efficiencies for staff and admissions success for a sustainable future.

What Customer Success does for your school

Our Customer Success programme is designed as a strong partnership with each Engage school. It also maintains knowledge and eases succession planning. To do this we:

  • Assign a Customer Success Manager to each school
  • Focus on each school’s individual improvement priorities and agenda
  • Understand each school’s local context and unique challenges
  • Facilitate insightful, value-adding experiences that help schools achieve their objectives

Customer Success in practice

The Customer Success programme we agree with you will depend on your school’s needs and scale, but you can typically expect:

  • Planned engagements throughout the year and here when you need us
  • An annual process to review and clarify each school’s key objectives and priorities
  • Analysis of data and trends relevant to each school – where appropriate sharing anonymous insights from high-performance schools
  • Insights from our expert knowledge of high performing schools, Engage and other Education Horizons products to improve school impact and efficiency
  • Connect schools to proactive training and support opportunities at key points in school calendar


Each member of our Customer Success team has an impressive track record of working with independent and international schools with:

  • Excellent communication skills and an empathetic understanding of the different roles in a school
  • Tenacity and attention to detail
  • Curiosity and an innovative approach