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Self-evaluation is essential for those schools looking to gain DfE British Schools Overseas (BSO) accreditation through external inspection. BSO accreditation places your school in the top 200 British international schools worldwide – it is the only accreditation directly endorsed by the UK government. The self-evaluation framework is also a great school improvement tool for any school to use.

How it works

The framework is uploaded on your current Engage school management platform, which facilitates attaching evidence, including assessment data, from your system.

You can give all staff, or a controlled selection, access to the self-evaluation. This allows them to contribute evidence and add comments. It ensures that your self-evaluation is a live document, owned by all members of your school. Reports can be created for use with a Board or any external body.

We are keen to seek your views on this service to enable us to assess whether it is a support package you would purchase for your school.

The Package

The School Self Evaluation comes with three terms of guided support provided by ESP Education, who will work with you remotely to:

  • Ask deep and searching questions about your school’s performance
    and practice
  • Guide and support your reflections and recording of evidence against each of the standards
  • Consider other influencing factors such as your school or department’s improvement plan, other standards plus targets and issues relevant to your particular context, to maximise the impact of your self-evaluation
  • Question your ongoing reflections and enquiry into practice
  • Support you with evaluating the evidence in your Self Evaluation Form (SEF) to maximise impact and improve outcomes.

Your consultant will conduct three face-to-face remote sessions with you and be available via email for support over the whole year. Having an external consultant support the process builds great accountability and ensures the SEF is a live and impactful tool.

Benefits of our School Self-Evaluation Package

  • Plan for meaningful professional learning
  • Engage in critically reflective dialogue each term with your assigned remote SEF advisor
  • Identify and focus on areas you wish to develop expertise or accomplishment
  • Consider your progress to meeting BSO standards or maintaining them
  • Develop your School Development Plan in line with DfE best-practice measurements for international schools
  • Measure clearly when you are ready for a BSO inspection if this is part of the direction you are moving towards.
  • This framework is validated by Penta International – evidence collected from the self-evaluation can be used as part of the BSO inspection framework to evidence your school’s performance against the BSO standards.