Do you want to:

  • deliver learning anytime, anywhere that embraces differentiation and encourages self-driven studying?
  • organise multiple curricula, including the International Baccalaureate, in one platform?
  • easily store and find all school documents?

Collaborative teaching and learning

Engage offers a collaborative teaching and learning platform making online, blended, remote or distance learning easy. It brings together students, parents, teachers, coordinators and senior leadership teams to collaborate in a safe ecosystem where everyone gains value.

Multiple curricula and IB

Engage supports multiple curricula, enabling schools to generate stunning International Baccalaureate and national reports that are only limited by the imagination of users. It also facilitates easy communication between teachers, students, parents and administrators, enabling everyone to work harmonically towards end goals.

Custom built templates

IB coordinators and teachers are empowered with custom-built CAS, TOK, EE, PP and SA workflow templates. The school’s leadership team can easily analyse attendance, assessment, pastoral care and other key data to support decision making. All supporting documentation can be stored and shared on the system, with access to all information managed by a highly configurable permissions system.