Student recruitment and marketing

Admissions is fundamental to Engage School. Enquiries, visits, conversions and enrolment data can all be stored, reported on, visualised and shared simply and clearly within the whole-school context. This improved communication flow, internally and externally, can inform evidence-based marketing and school growth strategies.

Ease of communication

Successful student recruitment depends on timely, personal and effective communication between a school and its prospective and current parents. Engage can integrate website enquiries with admissions, eliminating duplication of effort and even allowing parents to login and upload documents to create a truly smooth admissions journey for families. Messaging for key events and deadline reminders can be personalised or automated, ensuring parents are kept informed and that events are well attended.

Whole-school insight

Draw on a vast range of data, with filter upon filter and drill-down capability to transform data into revealing and valuable information. Customisable reports and visualisations allow for effective collaboration with senior leadership, governors or board members.

Flexible to suit your school’s needs

Engage is unique in its ability to use your school’s terminology and vocabulary as well as having a multi-lingual capability. It is unmatched in its versatility, corresponding with your school’s admissions processes and recruitment activity.

Consider the ways in which Engage can improve key functions and reporting across its admissions activity, giving your staff the time and tools to make each family’s admissions experience the best it can be. Can you afford not to change?