Flexible to suit your school’s needs

Engage is unique in its ability to use the terminology and vocabulary of your school as well as having multi-lingual capability. It is unrivalled in its versatility, matching your school’s structure, workflows and specialisms.

Whole-school insight and individual tracking

School leadership teams benefit from the powerful tools within Engage with which to analyse and visualise data. Draw on a wealth of information from across the platform from admissions, finance, teaching and learning, parents and students.

Customisable dashboards, reports and screens instantly turn data into valuable knowledge and insight, from which sound strategic, financial and marketing decisions can be made.

Filter and drill down to gain whole-school understanding, group or individual tracking, academic and pastoral.

Communication is everything

The success of any school depends on timely, accurate and useful communication: between staff, between departments, between the school, parents and students. The Pupil Dashboard, Parent Portal, Staff Portal, Engage Apps and so much more, allow for transparent and easy communication for every eventuality.

Schools are always changing to serve the needs of the next generation of students, families and the world beyond – you have a responsibility to embrace the digital tools to make it happen. Make the change your school deserves.