Flexible to fit your teaching tasks and demands

Engage is unique in its ability to use the terminology and vocabulary of your school. It is unmatched in its versatility, corresponding with your school’s academic, pastoral and extra-curricular frameworks and specialisms.

Individual tracking and insight

Dashboards, reports and screens allow you to filter and drill down to gain whole-school understanding, group or individual tracking, academic and pastoral.

Making school life simple

With one integrated place to record daily events linked to pupils, classes or groups and the ability to raise secure forms for permissions or charges, the possibilities are almost endless. Engage is designed specifically for busy school life in all its forms, making teacher workflow easier and simpler.

Communication is everything

The success of every school depends on timely, accurate and useful communication between staff, between departments, between school, parents and students. The Pupil Dashboard, Parent Portal, Engage Apps and so much more allows for transparent and easy communication for every eventuality.