With its increasing record of success and acclaim, Double First’s flagship school information management software has been renamed ‘Engage’.

‘We wanted to move away from the IT technical name it seemed to have adopted of “dot net”,’ said Jeff Elliott, MD. ‘The product has such an excellent suite of modules, able to engage every member of a school’s staff in its use, that the obvious name was “Engage”.

‘With its new Portal, pupils, teachers, parents and old scholars can also become involved.

‘Furthermore,’ added Jeff, ‘with Church Schools (UCST) and The Alpha Plus Group rolling out Engage, we felt it was finally time to celebrate – time for the Engage butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis.’

The Engage suite

Engage Unite is for School-wide use, with its many optional modules for a School to implement as required, including the Engage Portal and VLE.

Engage Direct is for use in the Bursary.

What about the Double First Accounts and Administrator?

‘Our original software suite, Double First Accounts and Administrator, has a strong development program which will take it well into the future,’ said Paul Rastall, Software Development Manager. ‘With its large installed base, and Development Partner Program, Double First Accounts and Administrator remain excellent products.’