Double First is proud to announce the launch of a new module, Engage Portal, an e-Learning and VLE platform.

‘The Portal,’ said Jeff Elliott, ‘is a magnificent product, conceived around Becta’s e-Learning strategy.’

Continuing, Jeff added, ‘We have deliberately made the Portal pupil-centric to encourage its use.’

Why has Engage Portal been introduced?

Jeff explained there were three main reasons. The first was to offer an excellent product that would help teachers and pupil learning, and integrate parents into the school more effectively.

The second was to preserve the attractiveness of Independent Schools to potential pupils.

Finally, to meet Becta’s requirements.

What do you mean by ‘Attractiveness’?

When asked what he meant, Jeff added, ‘Government has made it clear that funding will exist for State Schools to implement e-Learning and VLE platforms.

‘Because these platforms are web based and pupil-centric, they will naturally appeal to children who, nowadays, seem to want to spend much of their spare time on a PC. Modern and interactive ICT will inevitably give an edge to how attractive a school is.’

Schools must not fall behind in their introduction and use of ICT

The need for Independent Schools to be able to implement an affordable e-Learning and VLE capability of the highest calibre can only help close the divide and prevent pupil figures from falling. Indeed, Engage may well help swell pupil numbers, instead.

An Additional Income Stream for the School

Jeff’s final comment was that, ‘It is very likely that Independent Schools will be able to charge Parents for access to the system to see how well their children are doing.

This can easily show that not only is the cost covered, but a new income stream is created together will all the benefits of Engage.’