engage data migrationFollowing the announcement at the end of last year that iSAMS had acquired CJM Software Ltd and would be moving users of the CJM School Manager to iSAMS’ systems in due course, a number of CJM customers have been looking at alternatives. Double First can confirm that it is already undertaking migrations as a result of this change and we have a pathway to enable schools to consider Engage as a more appropriate match to meet the needs of CJM School Manager users. 

The high level of user configurable functions within the Engage school management information system and its comprehensive suite of modules and reporting options provide a perfect next step for schools who are faced with having to change from CJM School Manager at some point in the foreseeable future. Double First’s friendly team includes highly experienced implementation, data migration and training staff. Schools making the change also have the reassurance of working with an award winning company, founded in 1987, that has always been completely focused on the needs of the independent school sector.

For a no obligation demonstration of Engage and a discussion on how we can make a move from CJM School Manager not only seamless and flexible, but also advantagous in terms of new functions and abilities, please contact us today.