‘v2.08 sees a major usability-rich upgrade to Engage,’ said Paul Rastall, Double First’s Software Development Manager.

The impact of the following list is significant, and covers many areas of the program,


  • Over 464 procedures made far simpler
  • The maximum number of periods in attendance extended to 20
  • New period structure option in attendance allows periods of different lengths
  • New spell checker in notes window – underlines words spelt incorrectly with suggested replacements
  • Parent codes now visible in more areas of the program
  • New warning messages to help Fee users
  • Improvements to Fee Invoice layouts
  • Improved search facilities when setting up contacts within Fees
  • The ability to allocate charges to pupils for the next year
  • Enhances Groups and Filters
  • Instantly viewable teacher comments on Class Marksheets
  • More Crystal Listings
  • All future releases will be available for customers to download from the Our World area of Double First’s website.

‘This is a key step forward,’ said Carole Denman, Operations Manager. ‘After v2.08, customers will be able to upgrade Engage themselves overnight.

‘This is far more convenient since it means virtually no down-time. Since Engage is a total MIS, managing school information across the whole school, it means that many users are accessing it all day. Therefore, to prevent down-time, overnight upgrades had to be the way forward.’