Managing student billing

Engage Fee Billing enables fee-paying schools to manage every student charge, create the invoicing, produce the statements, and manage collections and debtors, with full reporting at every stage.

Fully integrated with the school management information system, all charges associated with a student and automatically collected, including any Activities and ad hoc charges.

A student’s fee bill can be attributed to parents, individuals or a company, with split charging and automatic sibling discounts as required.

Invoices can be emailed and parents have the ability to their account online with the Engage App and settle charges using the Pay Now button.

Some key Engage Fees features

  • Fully customisable charges including fees, deposits, discounts, insurances and ad-hoc payments
  • Deposit management
  • Fully integrated with with Engage Activities for extra-curricular activities and events charges
  • Quick receipt feature for multiple cash receipts
  • Links with the Parent Portal and Engage App enables parents to view their account details and settle bills using the Pay Now button
  • Direct Debits
  • Invoicing per student, family, company or individual
  • Split charging as appropriate
  • Automated sibling discount
  • Invoices and/or statements by email
  • Non-academic billing for rentals or the sale of goods and services

Engage Fees becomes the school’s sales ledger, either working with Engage Accounts or linking with other mainstream accounts programs.