‘This is a Landmark release,’ said Carole Denman, Double First’s Operations Manager. ‘For example, the automatic timetable is so refined, and the new Internal Report Generator is excellent. And these are only two of the significant elements of version 2.10.

‘With Engage having been in use for over two years, we have now fully incorporated all the major enhancements our 70 customers have asked for.’

What’s New in v 2.10?

‘In total, there are 12 new major functionalities, 27 enhancements, and many small changes which our customers have requested,’ added Carole.

‘Our developers and testers have worked almost day and night to meet and beat the deadline we set ourselves of the end of January 2008. Working with the Support Unit, all staff have really pulled out all the stops.’


Whilst the Pupil Tracking module continues its final stages of development, work is now being concentrated in screen simplification.’

‘There are always improvements which can be made,’ added Jeff Elliott, Group MD. ‘We have created a superbly capable software, and we are now concentrating on even more operational and screen simplifications.’

The Internal Report Generator

‘This is a remarkable system,’ said Paul Rastall, Software Development Manager. ‘It allows staff to create their own listings report format so easily and from any data. It is Wizard driven and so quick.

Come of Age

‘What we can say, ‘ said Jeff, ‘is that Engage has come of age. Rather appropriate, given this year is Double First’s 21st birthday!’