Improve your communication

Unique communication and analytic tools ensure daily operations are integrated, streamlined and trackable.

The inclusive school management system allows colleagues across school functions to work together more simply, more efficiently and more effectively.

Access via a secure Parent Portal provides transparency for parents and instant access to a wealth of information relating to their child or children, fostering a healthy parent-school relationship and reducing school admin.

Improve your reporting

Dynamic reporting, custom dashboards and a range of visualisation options at your fingertips can translate a wealth of data from across the system into valuable knowledge and insight.

Admissions is integral to Engage School, meaning that enquiries, visits, conversions and enrolment data can be reported, visualised and shared simply and clearly.

Engage School is packed with ready-to-use visuals, from attendance pie charts on the portal to timetable displays, pupil planning lists and marketing ratios reports.

 Engage School features

  • Pupil and Student, Staff and Parent databases
  • Admissions
  • Online Parent Portal
  • Daybook and forms
  • Report Creator
  • Document Management System

  • Alert notification system
  • Recording of medical data and incidents
  • Mail Merge tool
  • School Website Admissions
  • Engage Analytics Dashboard
  • School SMS services
  • Teacher Portal

Discover how Engage School can transform the way your school functions.

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Parents, Staff and Student Data

At the core of the Engage school management information system are the Parent, Staff and Student Data databases.


As an integrated platform, Engage MIS can transform the way your school manages student recruitment, from first enquiry to enrolment and student tracking throughout their school career.

Document Management System

The Document Management System, or DMS, is a core function of Engage School, organising documents, invoices and assessment reports as well as tracking all communications with students, parents and staff.

Parent Meeting

An essential element of every parent or guardian relationship with a school is the face-to-face contact afforded by Parent Meetings. The Parent Meeting tool within Engage School gives your school everything you need to organise these valuable opportunities for developing student success. It also includes integrated online conferencing facilities to manage your virtual meetings within Engage.

Report Creator

The Report Creator gives your school the power to create customised reports, drawing on the wealth of data in your Engage database, giving you real insight for sharing and planning.

School Website Admission

Admissions can be linked to the optional Web Admissions module, taking website enquiry data straight through to Engage.

Engage Analytics

The Engage Analytics dashboard is an optional enhancement for Engage School. Designed primarily for school leaders, marketing and administrative staff, Analytics provides whole-school or group insight without the need to open Engage itself.

Parent Portal

Good family-school communication is essential to student success and for a healthy parent-school relationship. The Parent Portal provides parents with a realtime link to view key parts of their child’s school record, from assessment reports to attendance, forthcoming events and account charges.

SMS text integration

Text messaging is a quick, simple and effective method of communicating with your school community.  Engage School has an extensive range of text messaging tools built in, allowing schools to reach individuals or groups with routine or emergency information.

SMS text messaging integration is available worldwide.