Tracking and reporting

Admissions is integral to Engage School, meaning that every aspect of enquiries, visits, conversions and enrolment data can be tracked, reported, visualised and shared simply and clearly in a whole-school context. Reports on prospective students can be created and printed, including appointment schedules and interview details.

Tailored to your school

Engage is unique in its versatility. The system can use the terminology and vocabulary of your school as well as having multi-lingual capability. It will match your school’s admissions processes and recruitment activity with the ability to create, modify and delete admissions stages as appropriate.

Student recruitment and marketing

Timely communications with a prospective family is essential throughout the admissions journey if you are to welcome their child as a student at your school. Mail merges allow personalised, relevant documents and communication to be created for prospective students and their parents or guardians.

Analysis of enquiry sources and forecast entry numbers informs school planning and marketing strategies.

Waiting lists

Waiting list candidates can be prioritised by a host of parameters set by the school, depending on your admissions policy.

Website enquiries

Admissions can be linked to the optional School Web Admissions module, enabling website enquiries to be held on Engage, pending action.