At a glance insight

Powerful analytical tools draw on a wealth of information from across the platforms your school uses, from admissions, finance, teaching and learning, parents and students. Graphical displays provide at-a-glance insights and whole-school overviews.

Target monitoring

Targets and forecasts can be set and monitored. For example, student numbers, boarder status, gender splits and cohorts. Standard widgets – the display parameters set – included in Analytics include cohort tracking, admissions pipeline and conversion, numbers on roll and incident tracking (behaviourial, achievement, discipline, medical, house points).


Customised widgets can be created for your school to present your specific monitoring requirements.

Drill down detail

From a ‘mountain-top’ view, you can drill down into as much detail as required, from viewing the data at group or whole-school level into looking more closely at year groups or individuals. Analytics turns raw data into valuable knowledge and insight, from which sound decisions can be made.