Simple, effective, personalised communication

All mail merge templates can be sent as the body of a personalised text message to individuals or groups of parents, students and staff.

Secure, rapid reach

Quick impersonal messages can be sent to individuals or groups. Individual SMS messages can be sent directly from the Contacts area. Access to SMS services can be defined by the security settings within Engage, with SMS options hidden, if preferred.

Automated messages

Certain absence types in attendance marking can be set to trigger an SMS either automatically or at a pre-determined time of day.

SMS bundle options

Schools have the option of purchasing bundles of texts to suit all eventualities. The SMS Management Screen displays the school’s message history to enable easy tracking of account balance and number of texts sent.

Worldwide availability

SMS text messaging integration is available for all Engage customers, worldwide. Our Engage SMS solution includes a fully integrated service provider which works in each of the countries in which we operate, with competitive text pricing in most regions. Engage customers have a single point of contact to manage your account.