engage mis chat support illustrationThe Engage school management information system Support Team has launched a new Chat platform to enhance the company’s Support Portal communication options.

“An incoming Chat request immediately places a pop-up notification on the screens of all Support Team members on shift,” explains Phil Gibbons, the Engage MIS Support Manager. “We started with a soft launch of this new facility with a small number of customers and it’s been performing beyond expectation with support queries being resolved, quickly.

“Schools really liked the immediacy of the facility and that encouraged us to press on with the full roll-out at the end of this month.”

The new Chat facility is available by logging into the Support Centre. A click on the Live Chat label on the right-hand side reveals a window in which user provides some initial information and the conversation can take place. As with the Support Centre and its resources, access is 24/7. If all members of the Support Team are busy or the enquiry falls outside of our global SLA, then the enquirer can complete a short form which raises a case, automatically.

Chat is available as a part of the service provided to all Engage schools.

“This is the perfect way to deal with quick questions,” Phil says. “Given most schools experience a certain turnover of staff from year-to-year and also the fact that all of our customers are very busy, it’s easy to forget the basics sometimes. Chat will provide an additional method among our suite of Support services to provide friendly pointers if someone is unsure about something. We expect this to be a big win for schools and for the Support Team alike.”